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Handrail and Ladder

USP proudly offers in-house gratings, and handrails fabrication with manual or automated forge welding equipment.
USP handrails and gratings are widely used in mining, power, and oil, gas and chemical project, and are complied with international health and safety environment requirement. 
USP offers galvanized carbon steel grating with kick plate, or nosings for anti-slippery and various styles of handrails including Monowills and can be coated with safety paint spec.  
USP can take client’s requirements from structural drawings and models to detailed drawings and on to completely fabricated ready-to-install products.
Monthly Capacity
·Grating: 3,000 m2
·Handrail: 3,000 m
Recently Completed Projects
·Fekola Gold (Mali, Africa): 6,000 m2 of grating and 3,500 m of handrails
·Kiewit G3TV (Vancouver, BC, Canada): 6,000 m2 of grating and 5,000 m of handrails
·Oyu Tolgoi Mine (Mongolia): 1,500 m2 of grating and 1,000 m of handrails
Grating Specification
F205 C205MPG/MSG; B253 C253 D253 MPG/MSG; A255 B255 F255 C255MPG/MSG; F325 C325 A325 D325 B325MPG/MSG; A405 B405 C405 MPG/MSG ; A455 C455 MPG/MSG; A505 C505 MPG/MSG