Pipe Spool Fabrication

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Pipe Fabrication is one of USP’s core capabilities. Being one of the largest in China, we have established ourselves as a consistent experienced quality performer in the complex area of piping fabrication. This requires a continuous commitment to the evaluation and improvement of our technology, equipment, and quality processes with the goal of maintaining the role as the leader in these industries.

USP has successfully delivered pipe spool projects to the USA, Australia and Africa in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Mining sectors. We have the consistent ability to produce 50,000 dia inches monthly with excellent safety and quality performance records, greater quality, efficiency and, ultimately, significant cost savings for customers. We take great pride in not only meeting but exceeding our customers’ expectations.




  • 68,000 sq. meter. facility with large concrete laydown area
  • Six Fabrication Bays
  • Segregated Carbon and Alloy Bays



  • Global sourcing all grades of pipes, fittings and valves
  • 100% bar-coded material traceability
  • Dedicated warehouse for piping inventory
  • Welding consumable inventory and management
  • Works with carbon steel, stainless steel (304-316-321-347- Duplex and Super Duplex grades, etc.), chrome-moly, Hastelloy, low temperature and many other alloy materials


  • Highly skilled pipefitters, pipe fabricators, pipe welders with excellent safety and quality performance records
  • Robotic Cutting & Welding
  • CNC Processing
  • In-House PWHT, Hydro and NDT Testing


  • Four Climate Controlled Paint Booths & 2 Blasting Booths
  • NACE III coating inspectors

Quality Control:

  • ASME Codes B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, ASME Section I (PP and S certification), ASME Section VIII (U certification), API 1104, AWS D1.1
  • Welding processes: GMAW, FCAW, MMAW (SMAW), GTAW, SAW
  • Extensive QA/QC and welding procedures


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